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SFI: 140 SN: 99
A-Index: 18 K-Index: 4
Updated: 31 Mar 2023 0023 GMT

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DX activities in period 01.01.2007 - 31.01.2007

02.01.2007 08.01.2007 1A Starting from Jan 2007 a new Amateur Radio Station license has been issued from the SMOM, The Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The license is hold from the S.M.O.M. and its managing is in charge to Giorgio IZ4AKS. The first activity of this station will be from the extraterritorial zone of the Magistral Villa on the Aventine hill in Rome. The operators are IZ4AKS, IZ4DPV, I4UFH, IK4UPB and IW0DJB (HV5PUL). Activity will cover from 2m to 160m, SSB/CW/RTTY mode. Three stations will be active at same time, DX areas, as Japan, South America and West coast, especially on lowest bands will be empathized. QSL MANAGER: IZ4DPV.
25.01.2007 26.01.2007 3D2 Hrane, YT1AD.
26.12.2006 05.01.2007 4S Ben, DL7UCX.
18.01.2007 29.01.2007 5H Zanzibar Island (AF-032) by Sam, F6AML.
03.01.2007 10.01.2007 6W Bert, PA3GIO.
21.01.2007 02.02.2007 8Q Embudu Island (AS-013) by Andrew, G7COD.
30.01.2007 05.02.2007 8Q Angaga Island (AS-013) by Noel, F6BGC.
04.01.2007 07.01.2007 9M6 Labuan Island (OC-133) by Saty, JE1JKL. He will concentrate on 80 and 160 metres.
25.12.2006 03.01.2007 A3 Tonga (OC-049) by Mark, VK2GND.
08.01.2007 21.01.2007 BV By Steve/N8BJQ, George/W8UVZ and Randy/W9ZR along with several BV ops. There will be activity on all bands with emphasis on 160 and 80 meters. They will be using a Titanex vertical, beverages, and amplifiers from a rural(quiet) location. QSL via W8UVZ.
22.01.2007 29.01.2007 C5 Jay, LY4Y (M3UNN).
28.01.2007 04.02.2007 C6 Randy, W6SJ.
03.01.2007 09.01.2007 C6 Elbow Cay (NA-219) by Bodo/DL3OCH, Rene/DL2JRM, Dan/DL5SE and Daniel/DL5YWM. QSL via DL3OCH.
29.01.2007 05.02.2007 CE Punta Corona (ARLHS CHI-013) on Chiloe Island (SA-018) by Carlos, CE6AMN, CE3HDI, CE6UFF, CE6UFY, CE6UZL, LU1EJ and XQ3SA). QSL via CE6AMN.
04.01.2007 07.01.2007 CE0Y Easter Island (SA-001) by Nao, JK1FNL.
19.01.2007 21.01.2007 CT3 Madeira Island (AF-014, DIP MA-001) from the Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse (DFP FMA-004, ARLHS MAD-005 and WLOTA LH-0053) by members from the Madeira Island Radio Club (ARRM) and Alfons/DJ8VC and Rudolf/HB9CQL. QSL via CS3MAD.
23.01.2007 29.01.2007 CU Martti/OH2BH and Juha/OH8NC.
00.00.0000 06.10.2018 DL Trassenheide Island (EU-129, DLFF-0075) by Klaus, DL8DZL.
01.01.2007 17.01.2007 DU Romblon Island (OC-244) by Francisco, CT1EAT.
04.00.0000 05.05.2019 DU Siargao Island (OC-235) by Audie/DU1ZDR and Gazelle/DU1ZDQ.
00.00.0000 06.10.2014 E5/SC Rarotonga (OC-013) by Mathias/DJ2HD and Gerd/DJ5IW.
08.05.0218 11.05.2018 E5/SC Rarotonga Island (OC-013) by Jim, KM7R.
02.07.0216 17.07.2016 F The Association des Radioamateurs Vauclusiens will operate special event callsign during this year's Tour de France.
17.01.2007 26.01.2007 FM Saint Pierre, Martinique (NA-107, WLOTA LH-1041) by Eric, F5LOW.
18.01.2007 28.01.2007 FM Patrick, F6CMH.
06.01.2007 13.01.2007 GM Arran Island (EU-123) by Ken, G0ORH.
01.01.2007 09.01.2007 HB0 Tom, DL2OBO.
20.01.2007 28.01.2007 I ARI Aprilia members will operate a special event station to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of the Allied amphibious landing in the area of Anzio during the Italian Campaign of World War II. QSL via bureau.
04.01.2007 28.01.2007 J2 Eric, ON7SAT.
16.04.0215 24.04.2015 J7 Serge, F6AUS.
28.12.2006 09.01.2007 JA Miyako Island (AS-079) by Take, JS6RRR.
30.00.0000 01.06.2014 JA Amami Island (AS-023) by Masato , JF3ELH.
15.01.2007 25.01.2007 JT Ken, K4ZW.
25.01.2007 10.02.2007 KH6 Andy, VE7AHA.
27.01.2007 01.02.2007 KH8 Hrane, YT1AD.
24.01.2007 06.02.2007 KP2 Island of St. Croix (NA-106, WLOTA LH-2477) by Bruce, KI7VR. Activity will be on 160-10 meters, mostly CW, with an emphasis on 160/80 meters each night. Daytime activity will be focused on 30/20/17 meters CW for the first few days, then some SSB. QSL via G4OOC.
12.01.2007 31.01.2007 OA Daniel, DL5YWM.
06.01.2007 13.01.2007 PJ4 Kelly, N0VD.
00.00.0000 03.05.2015 PY Cananeia Island (SA-024, DIB SP-009) by John Paul, PU2POP. QSL via PY2DS.
15.04.0216 17.04.2016 PY Calcanhar Lighthouse (ARLHS BRA-035) by Ed, PS7DX.
10.01.2007 16.01.2007 S2 Josep/EA3BT, Nuria/EA3WL, Tony/EA2PA, Fer/EA5FX and Juan/EA8CAC. The plan to operate SSB, CW and RTTY on 160-6 metres with three stations. QSL via EA3BT.
27.12.2006 08.01.2007 T30 Toshi, JA8BMK.
23.09.2019 06.10.0209 T5 Ali, EP3CQ. QSL direct.
13.05.0000 15.05.2016 T8 Koror Island (OC-009) by Yousuke, JJ1DQR.
00.00.0000 09.09.2019 T8 Nobuaki, JA0JHQ.
30.12.2006 11.01.2007 TA Charlie, GI4FUE.
07.01.2007 20.01.2007 VE Kaien Island (NA-061, BC-005) by John, VE7JZ.
02.01.2007 13.01.2007 VK The special event call will be activated for the 21st Scouts Australia's Jamboree that will be held in Elmore, Victoria.
29.01.2007 06.02.2007 VP2M Montserrat (NA-103) by Budd/W3FF (VP2MFF), Chris/W6HFP (VP2MHF), Scott/NE1RD (VP2MRD), Mike/KC4VG (VP2MVG), Paul/KB9AVO (VP2MVO), Tom/W4OKW (VP2MTC) and Bob/AB7ST (VP2MST).
15.01.2007 25.01.2007 VU7 By a multinational team. QSL: Region 1 via GDXF, Region 2 via N2OO, Region 3 via JA3UB.
06.01.2007 20.01.2007 XT The Provins ARS (F6KOP). The operators will be F2JD, F2VX, F4AJQ, F5LMJ, F5TVG, F8BJI, F9IE, N2WB, N6OX and OE8KDK. QSL via F9IE.
07.01.2007 30.01.2007 XU Peter, NO2R. QSL via K2NJ.
14.01.2007 20.01.2007 XW Alex, RK3DT.
10.01.2007 31.01.2007 YS Roberto, I2JIN will operate CW only from El Salvador.
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