Solar Terrestrial Data

SFI: 140 SN: 99
A-Index: 18 K-Index: 4
Updated: 30 Mar 2023 2342 GMT

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DX activities in period 01.04.2007 - 30.04.2007

27.04.2007 03.05.2007 3D2 Taveuni Island (OC-016) by Len/UR3HR, Sergey/UR7HTX, Max/UR7HTZ, Alex/UT5UY and Alex/UX0LL. 3D2UY via UT5UY, 3D2AP via UX0LL, 3D2TZ via UR7HTZ.
05.04.2007 09.04.2007 3DA ON4AEO, ON7BK, ZS6VWD and ZS6EMH. QSL via ON4CJK.
20.04.2007 24.04.2007 5W Samoa (OC-097) by YT1AD and other operators. QSL via YZ7AA.
30.03.2007 10.04.2007 5Z Alessandro, IK4ALM.
09.04.2007 19.04.2007 5Z Don, W4ZYT.
02.04.2007 12.04.2007 6W Pete, SM5GMZ.
31.03.2007 09.04.2007 6Y Jamaica (NA-097) by Frank, K3TRM.
05.04.2007 12.04.2007 7P Lesotho by ZS1RA, ZS1ZL, ZS1APB, ZS1ROY and ZS1FJ.
28.04.2007 11.05.2007 9H Ralph, DL9MWG.
29.04.2007 08.05.2007 BS7 By a multi-national team led by W6RGG. QSL via KU9C.
21.04.2007 22.04.2007 BY ShiJiuTuo Island (AS-134) by He Lei, BD1DRJ.
27.04.2007 06.05.2007 C9 Eduardo, CU2AF.
11.04.2007 16.04.2007 CU Corvo Island (EU-089) by CT1CHT, CT1GRU, CT1GZI and CT2JFR. QSL via CS5RBL.
26.04.2007 01.05.2007 DL Island of Usedom (EU-129, DID O-13) by Karen/DL8HK and Alfred/DB1VQ. QSL via DK9VB.
20.04.2007 22.04.2007 DL Usedom (EU-129) by DK8MIL, DK7JAN, DJ9MD, DG7BBU and others.
00.00.0000 06.10.2018 DL Trassenheide Island (EU-129, DLFF-0075) by Klaus, DL8DZL.
04.00.0000 05.05.2019 DU Siargao Island (OC-235) by Audie/DU1ZDR and Gazelle/DU1ZDQ.
00.00.0000 06.10.2014 E5/SC Rarotonga (OC-013) by Mathias/DJ2HD and Gerd/DJ5IW.
08.05.0218 11.05.2018 E5/SC Rarotonga Island (OC-013) by Jim, KM7R.
23.03.2007 12.04.2007 ER Andy, RW3AH.
07.04.2007 13.04.2007 F Groix Island (EU-048, DIFM AT-012, WLOTA 050) by Jean-Marc, F5SGI.
30.04.2007 12.05.2007 F Ile en Mer (EU-048, DIFM AT-015) by Francois, F5JNE.
28.04.2007 30.04.2007 F Belle Ile en Mer (EU-048, DIFM AT-015) and Ilot des Poulains (EU-048, DIFM AT-089) by Antoine, F5RAB and others. QSL via F6KHI.
02.07.0216 17.07.2016 F The Association des Radioamateurs Vauclusiens will operate special event callsign during this year's Tour de France.
27.04.2007 06.05.2007 FS John, K9EL.
06.04.2007 09.04.2007 G John, M0XIG and John, G4POF will operate this special event station from Bramshaw, to mark the 200th anniversary since the optical telegraph first operated at this site. The Bramshaw Shutter Telegraph was one of a number that operated as a communication link for the Admiralty between London and Plymouth. QSL via M0XIG.
14.03.2007 02.04.2007 GM Inner Hebrides (EU-008) by Dennis, M0LSB.
28.04.2007 05.05.2007 GM Shuna Island (EU-008) by Jim, MM0BQI.
21.04.2007 23.04.2007 I Favignana Island (EU-054, IIA TP-011, MIA MI-025) by Giovanni/IT9GAC, Giacomo/IT9GIE, Rosario/IT9IVA, Carmelo/IT9TPJ, Eugenio/IT9VKY, Eugenio/IW9BCW, Giuseppe/IW9BDV and Nucifora/IW9FY. QSL via IT9EJW.
17.03.2007 01.04.2007 I All this special stations (representing former coast radio stations of the Italian Navy) will be active for the the Italian Navy Coastal Radio Stations Award. II0IDP via IS0SDX, II0IGU via IK0JFS, II1ICS via I1SAF, II7ICT via IZ7AUH, II9ICF via IT9MRM and II9IGJ via IT9MRM.
07.04.2007 11.04.2007 I Santo Janni (EU-144, IIA PZ-001). QSL via IK8VRH.
13.04.2007 15.04.2007 I Ustica Island (EU-051) by IT9ABY, IT9IAS, IT9TFX, IT9YMM, IW9HIK and possibily IT9BLB. QSL direct to IT9TQH.
20.04.2007 22.04.2007 I This special station will be active to celebrate the 2760th anniversary of the foundation of Rome. QSL direct to I0YCB.
25.04.2007 30.04.2007 I Elba Island (EU-028) by Fabio, IW1DFU.
14.04.2007 21.04.2007 J5 Tibi, HA7TM.
01.04.2007 13.04.2007 J6 St. Lucia (NA-108) by Bill, WB5ZAM.
16.04.0215 24.04.2015 J7 Serge, F6AUS.
20.04.2007 23.04.2007 JA Ulithi Atoll (OC-078) by Kei,JK1QLR.
24.04.2007 24.04.2007 JA Yap Island (OC-012) by Kei,JK1QLR.
31.03.2007 01.04.2007 JA Hachijo Island (AS-043) by 7L3ATQ.
13.04.2007 16.04.2007 JA Okinawa Island (AS-017) by Take, JS6RRR.
27.04.2007 07.05.2007 JA Okinawa Island (AS-017) by Take, JS6RRR.
21.04.2007 22.04.2007 JA Taku Island (AS-012) by JA6RGJ, JK6IIS and JO6RGZ.
30.00.0000 01.06.2014 JA Amami Island (AS-023) by Masato , JF3ELH.
16.04.2007 25.04.2007 JD/O Skip, JE2HCJ.
29.04.2007 04.05.2007 JD/O Chichijima Island (IOTA AS-031) by Hide/JM1LJS (JD1BLK), Koya/JI5RPT (JD1BLY) and Harry/JG7PSJ( JD1BMH).
16.04.2007 03.05.2007 JT Nicola/I0SNY, Giampiero/I5NOC, Pino/I8YGZ, Andrea/IK1PMR and Claudia/K2LEO/IZ1GLO. QSL via I0SNY.
12.04.2007 23.04.2007 JW Spitsbergen Island (EU-026) by Francois, F8DVD.
04.04.2007 15.04.2007 KH8-S Swains Island (OC-200) by YT1AD, K3LP, K1LZ, N6TQS, RK3AD, RA3AUU, SV2BFN, K6SRZ, YU7NU, YZ7AA, YZ1BX, UR0MC, UA4HOX, RU4SU and YU1AU. QSL via YT1AD.
30.03.2007 02.04.2007 LU Redonda Island (SA049) by members of the Radio Club Ushuaia. Redonda Is. qualify also the for "GACW Five Argentine Islands" award with # ARXP6. QSL vía WD9EWK.
25.04.2007 29.04.2007 OH Parainen Island (EU-096) by Andy/IZ0EHO, Vincenzo/IZ0FKE, Simone/IZ0BTV, and Markus/OH1MN. QSL via OH10TA (QRZ.com).
21.04.2007 22.04.2007 OH Parainen or Nauvo Island (EU-096) by a group of Swedish operators. QSL via OH3BHL.
25.04.2007 29.04.2007 OH Parainen Island (EU-096) by Markus/OH1MN, Peter/OH0JFB, Jourko/OH1RX, Andrea/IZ0EHO, Vincenzo/IZ0FKE, Simone/IZ0BTV and Matteo/IW0HJH. QSL via IZ0EHO.
20.04.2007 22.04.2007 OH Hailuoto Island (EU-184) by OH8GZQ, OH8GZN, OH8WM, OH8HWI, OH8HQL and others. QSL via OH8TA.
22.04.2007 22.04.2007 OK Look for this special event station to be active to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of CAV - Ceskomoravsti Amateri Vysilaci (Czech-Moravian Transmitting Amateurs). QSL via OK1UU.
01.04.2007 30.04.2007 OX This special event station will be active to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Air Force Base at Thule (Pituffik). QSL direct to OX3UR.
10.04.2007 26.04.2007 OZ Island of Vendsyssel-Thy (EU-171) by Ela/DL1TM and Tor/DJ4MG.
07.04.2007 14.04.2007 PA Schouwen-Duiveland (EU-146, ARLHS NET-029) by a group of operators from Antwerp.
08.04.2007 13.04.2007 PA Schouwen Duiveland (EU-146) by Fons/ON4AWT and Win/ON8VD.
00.00.0000 03.05.2015 PY Cananeia Island (SA-024, DIB SP-009) by John Paul, PU2POP. QSL via PY2DS.
15.04.0216 17.04.2016 PY Calcanhar Lighthouse (ARLHS BRA-035) by Ed, PS7DX.
14.04.2007 17.04.2007 SU This special event station will be activated for the Regional Conference on "Disaster: Relief and Management" to be held in Alexandria, Egypt. QSL via SU1KM (direct only).
23.09.2019 06.10.0209 T5 Ali, EP3CQ. QSL direct.
13.05.0000 15.05.2016 T8 Koror Island (OC-009) by Yousuke, JJ1DQR.
00.00.0000 09.09.2019 T8 Nobuaki, JA0JHQ.
07.04.2007 13.04.2007 TA John, DJ6JH. Mainly on 10-20 metres RTTY and PSK31.
21.04.2007 25.04.2007 TA To commemorate the 57 Regiment martyrs who lost their lives in Canakkale War in 1915, TA1HZ and TA2RX will be operating from the Gelibolu Peninsula.
24.04.2007 02.05.2007 TF Iceland (EU-021) by Bodo, DL3OCH.
02.04.2007 07.04.2007 TI This Station will be aired from Cerro de la Muerte. It's Costa Rica's highest mountain (3000 metres a.s.l.). QSL via TI8AA.
21.04.2007 28.04.2007 TK CORSICA (EU-014, DIFM TK-001, MIA MCO-001, WLOTA LH-1390) by Laci/HA0HW, Tomi/HA4DX, Geza/HA4XG, Ivan (Johny)/LZ1PJ and Valya/LZ5AV.
01.04.2007 08.04.2007 TZ Eric/ON4LN(TZ2T), Stefaan/ON4FG(TZ4T), Ivo/ON5CD(TZ1T), Bart/ON3VK.
28.04.2007 30.04.2007 UA Gorodets Island (RRA-23-05) by RZ3EC, UA3EDQ, RZ3EM, RA1WU and RA1WZ. QSL via RZ3EC.
30.03.2007 04.04.2007 V3 Glen, W5IF.
29.04.2007 09.05.2007 V3 Paul, AK1P. QSL via WA6GER.
02.04.2007 19.04.2007 V6 Nando/IT9YRE (V63RE), Claudio/I1SNW (V63WN) and Mike/K9AJ (V63J).
20.04.2007 22.04.2007 V6 Ulithi Atoll (OC-078) by Kei, JK1QLR.
19.04.2007 03.05.2007 VP5 Providenciales Island (NA-002) by Fred, PY2XB. QSL via PT7WA.
16.04.2007 22.04.2007 YB Bangka Island (OC-144) by Hotang, YC0IEM. QSL via IZ8CCW.
10.04.2007 27.04.2007 YK Saad, N5FF.
28.04.2007 01.05.2007 yv The Radio Club Venezolano will operate from Cojedes, one of the rarest Venezuelan states. QSL via YV5AJ.
27.04.2007 30.04.2007 ZS A team of ten operators from the Boland Amateur Radio Club will be active from "The Hell", also known as Gamkaskloof or Gamka's Valley, situated in the Swartberg Mountains of the Southern Cape. QSL via P.O. Box 273, Strand, 7140, South Africa.
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