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SFI: 77 SN: 0
A-Index: 10 K-Index: 3
Updated: 19 Oct 2021 0329 GMT

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DX activities in period 01.06.2010 - 30.06.2010

04.06.2010 06.06.2010 3C Bioko Island (AF-010) by Elmo, EA5BYP and Javi, EA5KM.
08.06.2010 20.06.2010 3C Annobón Island (AF-039) by Elmo, EA5BYP and Javi, EA5KM.
15.05.2010 09.06.2010 3W Larry, W6NWS.
11.06.2010 14.06.2010 4J Absheron Reserve (4JFF-018) and/or Gala Reserve (4JFF-02). Natig/4J5T, Boris/4K4K, Serge/4J5A, Igor/4K6OF and Alex/4J6WMF. QSL via 4J5T.
07.06.2010 22.06.2010 7Q Barrie, G4AHK.
23.05.2010 04.06.2010 8Q Island of Velidhu (AS-013) by Thomas, OE2ATN.
05.06.2010 25.06.2010 8Q Tom, PF4T.
28.05.2010 02.06.2010 9A St. Nikola Island (EU-110) by Giovanni/I2OGV, Ivano/I2RFJ, Giuseppe/I2ZBX, Diego/IZ2AMV and Andrea/IZ2LSC.
12.06.2010 25.06.2010 9H Malta (EU-023, MIA MM-001, WLOTA LH-1113) by Steve, G0SGB.
12.06.2010 19.06.2010 9H Malta (IOTA EU-023, MIA MM-001, WLOTA LH-1113) by Russell, G5XW.
19.06.2010 03.07.2010 9H Malta (IOTA EU-023, MIA MM-001, WLOTA LH-1113) by Markus, OH1MN.
06.06.2010 28.06.2010 9V Loren, AD6ZJ.
18.06.2010 20.06.2010 BV Yoshihiro, JK2VOC.
10.06.2010 13.06.2010 CT Berlenga Island (EU-040) by twelve members of the Portuguese's Algarve Star DX Team. QSL via CT1FMX.
03.06.2010 07.06.2010 DL Helgoland-Duene (EU-127) by Max, DJ4EL.
00.00.0000 06.10.2018 DL Trassenheide Island (EU-129, DLFF-0075) by Klaus, DL8DZL.
11.06.2010 07.08.2010 DU Mindanao Island (OC-130, WLOTA LH-2803) by Maarten "Moj", PA3GZU.
04.00.0000 05.05.2019 DU Siargao Island (OC-235) by Audie/DU1ZDR and Gazelle/DU1ZDQ.
28.05.2010 06.06.2010 E4 Antonio, EA5RM and EA2RY, EA5FX, EA7AJR, EA7KW, F5CWU, F6ENO, F9IE, IN3ZNR and UT7CR. QSL via EA5RM.
00.00.0000 06.10.2014 E5/SC Rarotonga (OC-013) by Mathias/DJ2HD and Gerd/DJ5IW.
08.05.0218 11.05.2018 E5/SC Rarotonga Island (OC-013) by Jim, KM7R.
25.06.2010 26.06.2010 EA Formigues Islands (EU-078, DIE E-058, FEA E-0467, WLOTA LH-2128, ARLHS SPA-139) by Christian, EA3NT along with Oscar/EA1DR, George/EA2TA and Vincent/F4BKV.
30.05.2010 13.06.2010 F 78th edition of the "Le Mans 24 Hours" car race. QSL via F6KFI.
10.06.2010 12.06.2010 F Ile de Quemenes (EU-065) by Andre, F4ELK and Christophe, F4ELI. QSL via F4ELI.
05.06.2010 19.06.2010 F Arnault, F4GAJ, will use the special callsign to commemorate the "Overlord Operation" (the code name for the invasion of western Europe during World War II by Allied forces) on June 6th, 1944. QSL via F4GAJ.
04.06.2010 06.06.2010 F The Council of Europe Radio Amateur Club will be active to celebrating the 60th Anniversary of European Convention of Human Rights. QSL via F5LGF.
02.07.0216 17.07.2016 F The Association des Radioamateurs Vauclusiens will operate special event callsign during this year's Tour de France.
08.06.2010 20.06.2010 FJ Saint Barthelemy Island (NA-146, DIFO FJ-001, WLOTA LH-0377) by Kurt, DL1DA.
08.06.2010 17.06.2010 FS St. Martin (NA-105, DIFO FS-001, WLOTA 0383) by John, K9EL.
29.06.2010 06.07.2010 GJ Gordon/G3USR, Tom/ GM4FDM, Alex/PA1AW, Rien/PA1BDO, Ron/PA3EWP and Jo/PA9JO.
18.06.2010 21.06.2010 GM Flannan Isles (EU-118) by Oscar/EA1DR, George/EA2TA, Christian/EA3NT, Col/MM0NDX and Bjorn/SM0MDG.
12.06.2010 13.06.2010 GM Lewis and Harris Islands (EU-010, IOSA OH01, SCOTIA HI21) by Ray/M1REK and Andy/M1LOL.
14.06.2010 15.06.2010 GM North (EU-010, IOSA OH02, SCOTIA HI13, WLOTA LH-3287) and South (EU-010, IOSA OH03, SCOTIA HI06, WLOTA LH-2972) Uist, Benbecula (EU-010, IOSA OH04, SCOTIA HI08) and Eriskay Islands by Ray/M1REK and Andy/M1LOL.
16.06.2010 17.06.2010 GM Barra (EU-010, IOSA OH11, SCOTIA HI02, WLOTA LH-3126) and Vatersay Islands by Ray/M1REK and Andy/M1LOL.
01.06.2010 17.06.2010 GU Herm Island (EU-114) by Kevan, 2E0WMG.
22.06.2010 27.06.2010 HB0 Marc, OZ1MDX. QSL Direct Via M0URX.
03.06.2010 06.06.2010 HB0 David, OK1FJD/OK6DJ. QSL via OK1DRQ.
18.06.2010 20.06.2010 HR Cayo Pequeno (NA-160) by Jorge/HR2AW, Carlos/HR2CSB, Tony/HR2DX, Henry/HR2H, Javier/HR2J, Marco/HR2MD and Pedro/HR2PAC. QSL via HR2RCH.
30.05.2010 04.06.2010 I Elba Island (EU-028) by Paolo, IK2MLS.
29.05.2010 02.06.2010 I Stromboli Island (EU-017, IIA ME-016) by Vincenzo/IT9EJP, Sebastiano/IT9ZIR, Dario/IT9ZZO, Filippo/IW9FRB and Ferdinando/IW9HSK.
06.06.2010 06.06.2010 I National Reserve Speciale delle Sorgenti del Belbo (IFF-346) and Castle of Montezemolo (DCI-CN171) from 13.00-16.00 UTC by IK1GPG Max, IK1QFM Betty, IW1FTE Fabio, I/2005-27/CN Manuela. QSL via IK1QFM.
22.05.2010 06.06.2010 IS Four stations will operate on all bands and modes during the Louis Vuitton Trophy (formerly known as Louis Vuitton Cup). QSL via IS0MKX.
21.06.2010 06.07.2010 J6 Howard, WB6WXE.
16.04.0215 24.04.2015 J7 Serge, F6AUS.
30.00.0000 01.06.2014 JA Amami Island (AS-023) by Masato , JF3ELH.
25.05.2010 02.06.2010 JT Vasiliy, RW9YW.
10.06.2010 15.06.2010 JW Spitsbergen Island (EU-026, WLOTA 0125) by Roar, LA1EOA.
18.06.2010 22.06.2010 KH0 Saipan (OC-086) by Tony, JA6CNL.
02.06.2010 17.06.2010 LA Engeloya Island (EU-062) by Waldi, SP7IDX.
23.06.2010 30.06.2010 LA Finnoy Island (EU-055) by Jindra/OK1AMM, Franta/OK1HH and Bob/OK2BOB.
24.06.2010 08.07.2010 LA Lofoten Islands (EU-076) by Wolf, DM2AUJ.
30.06.2010 03.07.2010 OJ0 Seppo, OH1VR.
04.06.2010 06.06.2010 ON Lightship Mayflower Bell 48 operated by Kurt/ON4CB and Francois/ON4LO. Qsl via ON4CB.
29.05.2010 12.06.2010 OZ Fano Island (EU-125, DIA NS-002) by Tom, DL4VM.
18.06.2010 23.06.2010 OZ Fyn Island (EU-172, DIA FY-001) by members of the Grantham Amateur Radio Club. QSL via G0RCI.
23.05.2010 10.06.2010 PA Island of Texel (EU-038) by Roland, DL1EAL.
08.06.2010 12.06.2010 PJ7 Andrea/IK1PMR and Claudia/PA3LEO.
09.06.2010 15.06.2010 PY Lencois Island (SA-041) by members of the Araucaria DX Group. QSL via PY7ZY.
16.06.2010 18.06.2010 PY Sao Luis Island (SA-016) by members of the Araucaria DX Group. QSL via PY7ZY.
02.06.2010 06.06.2010 PY Santa Isabel Island (IOTA SA-025, DIB PI-01) and Pedra do Sal Lighthouse (ARLHS BRA-070, DFB PI-03) by members of the Teresina DX Group and Labre - PI.
09.06.2010 15.06.2010 PY Ilha dos Lencois (SA-041) by PY7ZY, PY2XB, PY7XC and PY0FF. QSL via PY7ZY.
16.06.2010 18.06.2010 PY Sao Luis Island (SA-016) by PY7ZY, PY2XB, PY7XC and PY0FF. QSL via PY7ZY.
00.00.0000 03.05.2015 PY Cananeia Island (SA-024, DIB SP-009) by John Paul, PU2POP. QSL via PY2DS.
15.04.0216 17.04.2016 PY Calcanhar Lighthouse (ARLHS BRA-035) by Ed, PS7DX.
05.06.2010 06.06.2010 SM The Missile Ship R-142 "YSTAD" a museum vessel, will be activated Stellan/SM0LQB & Hans/SM0BYD from her base at Galo, east of Stockholm.
12.06.2010 25.06.2010 SM Orust Island (EU-043) by Bernd, DL8AAV.
03.06.2010 03.06.2010 SP Nature Reserve "Lipowiec" (SPFF-257) from 07.00 - 11.00 UTC and "Bukowica" (SPFF-258) from 12.00 – 16.00 UTC by Waldemar, SQ9LOM.
04.06.2010 04.06.2010 SP Landscape Park "Chelminski" (SPFF-032) by Zbig, SP2IU.
06.06.2010 06.06.2010 SP Nature Reserve:Pluznica (SPFF-266) from 06.00-09.00 UTC, Mostki (SPFF-267) from 10.00 - 13.00 UTC and Kocia Gora (SPFF-268) from 14.00 - 17.00 UTC by Waldermar, SQ9LOM.
06.06.2010 06.06.2010 SP Nature Reserve:Pluznica (SPFF-266) from 06.00-09.00 UTC, Mostki (SPFF-267) from 10.00 - 13.00 UTC and Kocia Gora (SPFF-268) from 14.00 - 17.00 UTC by Waldermar, SQ9LOM.
07.06.2010 07.06.2010 SP Nature Reserve "Bagna Rozwadowskie" (SPFF-217) by Grzegorz, SP1QXK.
10.06.2010 13.06.2010 SP Mazurski Landscape Park (SPFF-062)
27.05.2010 07.06.2010 SV Thassos Island (EU-174) by Laci, HA0HW.
22.06.2010 26.06.2010 SV Proti Island (EU-158) by Cliff/SV1JG, George/SV1QN, Spyros/SV1RC and John/SV1GYG.
21.07.2010 26.06.2010 SV Skopelos Island (EU-072, LOTA GRE-071, WLOTA-2221, GIOTA NAS-076) by members of the White Tower DX Team. QSL via SV2FPU.
06.06.2010 20.02.2010 SV5 Island of Karpathos (EU-001, GIOTA DKS-016) by Max, IZ4JMA.
31.05.2010 02.07.2010 SV5 Kos Island (EU-001) by Darren, G0TSM.
03.06.2010 09.06.2010 T30 Haru, JA1XGI.
22.05.2010 01.06.2010 T31 Sergey/UX0HX (Team Leader), Oleg/RK3FA, Alex/UT5UY, Yuriy/ UT1HF, Oleg/US7UX, Leo/UR3HR and Yuriy Grushevskiy/SWL
23.09.2019 06.10.0209 T5 Ali, EP3CQ. QSL direct.
13.05.0000 15.05.2016 T8 Koror Island (OC-009) by Yousuke, JJ1DQR.
00.00.0000 09.09.2019 T8 Nobuaki, JA0JHQ.
29.05.2010 04.06.2010 UN Altyn-Emel (UNFF-001), Charyn (UNFF-004) and Ile-Alatau (UNFF-005). The expedition members and special call sign: Nikolai/UN7ZZ (UP1WFF), Sergey/UN7Z (UP2WFF), Vladimir/UN7PBK (UP3WFF), Oleg/UN7ECA (UP4WFF), Alexander/UN6GAU (UP6WFF), Yuri/UN7BDA (UP7WFF), Mike/UN8GC (UP8WFF), Alexei/UN9GG (UP9WFF) and Sergey/UN6GAO, Alexander/UN6GG, Egor/UN7GWG (UP0WFF).
22.06.2010 30.06.2010 V6 Yap Island (OC-012) by Hase, JK1EBA.
22.06.2010 29.06.2010 V6 Yap Island (OC-012) by Sasi/JA1KJW (V63JQ), Hase/JK1EBA (V63AKA), Karl/JA3MCA (V63MCA), Kund/JA8VE (V63VE) and Mat/JA1JQY (V63JY).
21.06.2010 26.06.2010 VE Prince Edward Island (NA-029, CISA PE-001, WLOTA 0523) by Gregg, VE3ZZ.
12.06.2010 21.06.2010 VP2E Andrea/IK1PMR and Claudia/PA3LEO.
09.06.2010 19.10.2010 VP2M Montserrat (NA-103, WLOTA 1475) by John, KB4CRT.
14.06.2010 12.07.2010 VP2M Graham, M0AEP.
10.06.2010 24.06.2010 ZA Chris, HA5X.
02.06.2010 08.06.2010 ZD8 Ascension Island (AF-003) by Takao, JE1WVQ.
02.06.2010 06.06.2010 ZK3 Sergey/UX0HX (Team Leader), Oleg/RK3FA, Alex/UT5UY, Yuriy/ UT1HF, Oleg/US7UX, Leo/UR3HR and Yuriy Grushevskiy/SWL
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