Solar Terrestrial Data

SFI: 129 SN: 61
A-Index: 21 K-Index: 2
Updated: 01 Apr 2023 0419 GMT

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DX activities in period 01.08.2010 - 31.08.2010

28.08.2010 04.09.2010 3B9 Rodrigues Island (AF-017, WLOTA L-4265) by Giorgio, IZ4AKS.
22.08.2010 10.09.2010 3D2 Viti Levu (OC-016) by Franz, DK1II.
12.08.2010 10.09.2010 3W Mal, VK6LC.
03.08.2010 20.08.2010 4J Yannick, F6FYD.
26.07.2010 26.08.2010 4X Mike, VE2XB.
03.08.2010 15.08.2010 5B Tony, G0WFV.
16.08.2010 30.08.2010 5H Ro, DL4ME.
04.08.2010 17.08.2010 5Z John, IZ2DPX.
02.08.2010 06.08.2010 7P Arnold, WB6OJB.
01.08.2010 18.08.2010 9A Island of Losinj (EU-136) by Leonardo, IW0QO.
22.08.2010 03.09.2010 9A Krk Island (EU-136) by Csaba, DH7KU.
11.08.2010 20.08.2010 9H Stephen, IZ0IWM.
29.08.2010 09.09.2010 9X Tom, DL2RUM.
16.08.2010 19.08.2010 A2 Les/W2LPL and Daniel/W2DBL.
27.08.2010 06.09.2010 BV Taiwan (AS-020, WLOTA L-0022) by Dennis, KT8X.
20.08.2010 22.08.2010 CE Punta Tetas (ARLHS CHI-075) by Ismael, CE1TUW and several other operators. QSL via CE1WNR.
08.08.2010 26.08.2010 CP Rene, DF9GR.
20.08.2010 22.08.2010 CX Punta Brava (ARLHS URU-012) by members of the Radio Club Uruguayo. QSL direct.
05.08.2010 26.08.2010 D4 Sao Vicente Island (AF-086) by Luca, IK2NCJ.
03.08.2010 09.08.2010 DL Sebastian, DL1AXX, will activate rare islands for the German Island Award. His planned activations are: Grot Deil Island (O-34), Kastenwerden Island (O-37) and Weidenschwanz Island (O-38).
07.08.2010 15.08.2010 DL Sylt Island (EU-042) by Andy, DL7AT.
22.08.2010 22.08.2010 DL Nature Park Oberer Bayerischer Wald (DLFF-097) from abt. 0600 UTC till about 1000 UTC and Nature Park Oberpfälzer Wald DLFF-098() from abt. 1100 UTC till about 1500 UTC by the team around DA0CW. QSL via DL7RAG.
23.08.2010 29.08.2010 DL Langeness Island (EU-042) by Harald, DF6BL.
21.08.2010 28.08.2010 DL Usedom Island (EU-129) by Fred, DL8DXL.
00.00.0000 06.10.2018 DL Trassenheide Island (EU-129, DLFF-0075) by Klaus, DL8DZL.
11.06.2010 07.08.2010 DU Mindanao Island (OC-130, WLOTA LH-2803) by Maarten "Moj", PA3GZU.
04.00.0000 05.05.2019 DU Siargao Island (OC-235) by Audie/DU1ZDR and Gazelle/DU1ZDQ.
00.00.0000 06.10.2014 E5/SC Rarotonga (OC-013) by Mathias/DJ2HD and Gerd/DJ5IW.
08.05.0218 11.05.2018 E5/SC Rarotonga Island (OC-013) by Jim, KM7R.
28.08.2010 29.08.2010 EA Mouro Island (EU-142) by Silvia/EA1AP (YL), Juanjo/EA1CJ, Alberto/EA1SA, Javier/EA2JB, Juan/EA2RC and Roberto/EA2RY. QSL via EA2RC.
27.08.2010 02.09.2010 EA One of five special stations operated by the Federacion Digital EA during La Vuelta a Espana - the long distance road bicycle race celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2010.
31.08.2010 07.09.2010 EA One of five special stations operated by the Federacion Digital EA during La Vuelta a Espana - the long distance road bicycle race celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2010.
19.07.2010 05.08.2010 EA8 Fuerteventura Island (AF-004, DIE S-006, WLOTA L-0883) by Luke, SQ9IVD.
16.08.2010 20.08.2010 EA8 Fuerteventura (AF-004, DIE S-006, WLOTA L-0883) by Mike, DK2TUX.
16.08.2010 30.08.2010 EA8 Fuerteventura Island (DIE S-006, WLOTA L-0883) by Stan, EI6DX.
07.08.2010 14.08.2010 EX Issyk Kul Lake (EXFF-002) by Mike/UN8GC and Oleg/EX8MLT.
01.08.2010 20.08.2010 F Oleron Island (EU-032) by Volker, DK2MT.
02.07.0216 17.07.2016 F The Association des Radioamateurs Vauclusiens will operate special event callsign during this year's Tour de France.
26.07.2010 06.08.2010 FM Gerard, F2VX.
16.08.2010 27.08.2010 GM Noup Head lighthouse (BARLS A3736, ARLHS SCO-158, WLOTA L-0945, WAB HY44) on Westray Island (EU-009, IOSA OR02, SCOTIA OI31) by members of the Orkney Amateur Radio Club.
16.08.2010 27.08.2010 GM Sumburgh Head Lighthouse (BARLS A3766, ARLHS SCO 232, WLOTA L-0867, WAB HU40) on Shetland (EU-012, IOSA SH01, SCOTIA SI11) by group of YL operators.
16.08.2010 21.08.2010 GU Guernsey (EU-114) by Bob, M0MCV.
16.08.2010 21.08.2010 HA Members of the Association Radio Amateurs of Vesztoi (HA8KWO) will activate the historical place named Veszto-Magor from eastern Hungary in Koros-Maros National Park (HAFF-008). HG8SDS via HA8PH and HG8WFF via HA8MT.
31.07.2010 03.08.2010 HL Shinji Island (AS-060, WLOTA-4010) by members of the Gwangju DX Club (6L0NJ). QSL via HL4XM.
22.08.2010 22.08.2010 HP Panama Canal Miraflores Locks Lighthouse (PAN-030) by members of the PCARA (Panama Canal Amateur Radio Association).
01.08.2010 08.08.2010 I L'isola di Ponza (EU-045) by Giovanni/IZ0PSA, Edmondo/VA3ITA, Laura/VA3LIA and James/KB0MZ. QSL via IZ0PSA.
01.08.2010 08.08.2010 I Lighthouse Monte Cappuccini (WAIL MA-003, ARLHS ITA-104). The activity will celebrate the 106th anniversary of the experiments carried out by Guglielmo Marconi from that place. QSL via IK6VXO.
14.08.2010 19.08.2010 I Lampedusa (AF-019) by Francesco, IV3TMM.
27.08.2010 29.08.2010 I Celebrating the last flag-lowering ceremony of the Italian Navy submarine "Leonardo da Vinci" a special event station will be active from La Spezia. QSL via IK8XVA.
28.08.2010 04.09.2010 I Ustica Island (EU-051, IIA PA-001) by Raul, IC8ATA.
16.04.0215 24.04.2015 J7 Serge, F6AUS.
30.00.0000 01.06.2014 JA Amami Island (AS-023) by Masato , JF3ELH.
07.08.2010 14.08.2010 KH0 Bodo, DL3OCH.
01.08.2010 07.08.2010 KH2 Bodo, DL3OCH.
06.08.2010 08.08.2010 KL Kalgin Island (NA-158) by Mike/AD5A and his two sons, Michael/AB5EB and Jake/KB5SKN.
16.08.2010 20.08.2010 KL Fox Island (NA-197) by Wayne, K9YNF.
05.07.2010 01.08.2010 KP4 Members of the Puerto Rico Amateur Radio League (PRARL) will activate a special event station to celebrate the XXI Central American and Caribbean Games that will take place in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico (NA-099, USi PR006S, WLOTA LH-2802). QSL direct to KP4ES.
18.07.2010 02.08.2010 LA Vigra Island (EU-056) by Erling, LA4FPA.
19.08.2010 26.08.2010 LZ Plamen, LZ3FM will be active from the Kamchia Biosphere Reserve (WFF LZFF-011). He will try to activate new one references LZFF-091 (Kirov Dol Uph.Nature Reserve), LZFF-104 (Valchi Prohod Uph.Nature Reserve), LZFF-105 (Varbov Dol Uph.Nature Reserve) and if it is possible LZFF-089 (Kalafata Uph.Nature Reserve). QSL via LZ1BJ.
28.08.2010 29.08.2010 LZ National Park Pelister (Z3FF-003) by Vlado, Z35M.
23.07.2010 01.08.2010 OH Kaunissaari Island (EU-140) by Jari/OH1JO and Juha/OH1LEG. QSL via OH1JO.
19.08.2010 22.08.2010 OH Syväletto Island (EU-126) by Rug (DJ3XG) and Mario (DL5ME).
20.08.2010 22.08.2010 OH Vormo Island (EU-097, OHC208 Inkoo) by Jari/OH1BOI, Kalle/OH1FEQ and Hannu/OH1JJO. QSL via OH1BOI.
08.08.2010 08.08.2010 OK Nature Park Slavkovsky Les (OKFF-006) by the DA0CW-Team. QSL via DF6EX.
13.08.2010 16.08.2010 OX Masaru, JA5AQC.
28.07.2010 06.08.2010 OX Ole, OZ5DL (OV5A).
02.08.2010 08.08.2010 OX Disko Island (NA-134) by Michael, DB5MH. QSL via DJ9KH.
21.08.2010 28.08.2010 OZ Aro Island (EU-172, DIA JY-003, ARLHS DEN-072, WLOTA 0973) by Peter/DL4AMK, Dieter/DK1AW, Joachim/DJ2AS, Lutz/ DL3ARK and Lutz/DH8WW.
08.08.2010 13.08.2010 OZ Mon Island (EU-029) by Michael, DG5LAC.
16.08.2010 20.08.2010 OZ Vesborg Fyr Lighthouse (DEN-046) on Samsoe Island (EU-172, DIA JY-008) by Ric, DL2VFR.
14.08.2010 20.08.2010 OZ Samso Island (IOTA EU-172, JY-008) by Ric, DL2VFR.
21.08.2010 27.08.2010 OZ National Park Mols Bjerge (OZFF-002) by Ric, DL2VFR.
18.07.2010 06.08.2010 P4 Aruba (SA-036, WLOTA LH-0033) by Jim, PG4DX.
02.08.2010 30.08.2010 PA Promoting the World Statues Festival that will take place in Arnhem Fred, PA0FAW, will be active with a special callsign.
16.08.2010 22.08.2010 PA Texel Island (EU-038, WLOTA L-0043) by Frank, DK5FT.
19.08.2010 24.08.2010 PA The special callsing will be activated for the nautical festival SAIL 2010. Talships and smaller ships will be present from the 19th august until the 24th august in the harbor off Amsterdam.
31.07.2010 13.08.2010 PJ7 Randy, K5SL.
00.00.0000 03.05.2015 PY Cananeia Island (SA-024, DIB SP-009) by John Paul, PU2POP. QSL via PY2DS.
15.04.0216 17.04.2016 PY Calcanhar Lighthouse (ARLHS BRA-035) by Ed, PS7DX.
03.08.2010 14.08.2010 S7 Jose, EA4DB.
23.08.2010 25.08.2010 SM Seskarö Island (EU-139) by Rug (DJ3XG) and Mario (DL5ME).
01.08.2010 01.08.2010 SP Nature Reserve "Buczyna Szprotawska" (SPFF-376) by Irek, SP9TRX.
06.08.2010 14.08.2010 SP Pieninski Park Narodowy/National Park (SPFF-013), Poludniowomalopolski/Protected Landscape Area (SPFF-384) and Pieniny/Natura 2000 (SPFF-388) by Jan SP9WAN. The same place is covered by the three forms of protection. QSL via SQ9IDG.
07.08.2010 07.08.2010 SP Karkonosze – obszar ptasi (SPFF-403) from 07.00 - 11.00 UTC and Karkonosze - obszar siedliskowy (SPFF-404) from 12.00 - 16.00 UTC by Maciej, SP6FHU.
08.08.2010 08.08.2010 SP Nature Reserve Dobryn (SPFF-405) by Mario, SQ8JCB.
07.08.2010 07.08.2010 SP Nature Reserve "Dolina Raclawki" (SPFF-385) by Waldemar, SQ9LOM.
25.08.2010 25.08.2010 SP Archeologic Reserve "Kamienne kregi w Zabnicy" (SPFF-399) by Toni, SO1EKO.
23.08.2010 30.08.2010 SV Kythira Island (EU-113, GIOTA INS-004, MIA MG-062, WLOTA L-1703) by Fred, PA1FJ.
28.08.2010 07.09.2010 SV Thassos Island (EU-174) by Laci, HA0HW.
21.08.2010 29.08.2010 SV Island of Corfu (EU-052, GIOTA INS-042, MIA MG-055, WLOTA LH 4132) by Rolf, DL6ZFG.
29.08.2010 03.09.2010 SV Samos Island (EU-049, GIOTA SAS-006, MIA MG-099, WLOTA L-4163) by Niels, OZ7FOC.
23.08.2010 28.08.2010 SV5 Rhodes (EU-001) by Peri, HB9IQB.
21.08.2010 28.08.2010 SV9 Crete (EU-015, GIOTA KRS-005, MIA MGC-005, WLOTA LH 1400) by Giorgos, SV1ELF.
23.09.2019 06.10.0209 T5 Ali, EP3CQ. QSL direct.
13.05.0000 15.05.2016 T8 Koror Island (OC-009) by Yousuke, JJ1DQR.
00.00.0000 09.09.2019 T8 Nobuaki, JA0JHQ.
15.08.2010 15.08.2010 TA Izmir Karaburun Sarpincik Lighthouse (TUR-073) by Bekir, TA2RX.
28.08.2010 05.09.2010 TA Members of the TCSWAT will activate a special station for the FIBA 2010 World Basketball Championship to be held in Istanbul / Antalya / Kayseri / Ankara.
28.08.2010 30.08.2010 TA Rize Kizkalesi Lighthouse (TUR-pending) by members TCSWAT and GITRAD.
09.08.2010 15.08.2010 UA Kildin Island (EU-082) by Nick/RA1QQ and Dima/RN3GM.
29.07.2010 04.08.2010 UA Different islands located in Lake Chudsko-Pskovskoe will be activted by R7AA, RA1QY, RA1WJ, RA1WZ, RU6AX, UA1WDX and UA6BFL. QSL via R7AA.
09.08.2010 15.08.2010 UA Kildin Island (EU-082) by Nick, RA1QQ, and Dima, RN3GM.
16.08.2010 28.08.2010 UA Russky Island (EU-147) by Mikhail/RA1ALA, Dmitry/RA1ALK and Alex/RX1AW.
28.07.2010 02.08.2010 UA9 Litke Island (AS-089) by R9XC, RA9XY, UA9XEC and UA9XLC.
08.08.2010 03.09.2010 UA9 Kunashir Island (AS-025) by Alex, UA3DLD.
07.08.2010 17.08.2010 UA9 Nikolai/RK3RB, Arcady/RZ0SB and Igor/UA3EDQ will operate from a number of islands located in Lake Baikal.
05.08.2010 06.08.2010 UN Burabay (UNFF-003) by Alexander/UN7EDG and Oleg/UN7ECA.
26.08.2010 30.08.2010 UN Two groups of Kazakhstan radio amateurs plan a complex dxpedition across Zailijsky Ala Tau and will activted several places valid for Kazakhstan Flora & Fauna, WFF and Kazakhstan District Award. Detailed informations are available on their site.
28.08.2010 29.08.2010 UN Vadim, UN7FW is planning an expedition form the territory of the former "Semipalatinsk nuclear range" (KDA J-19). QSL via IK2QPR.
31.07.2010 07.08.2010 V3 Colin/KU5B.
16.08.2010 30.08.2010 V5 John, HB9PHJ.
11.08.2010 15.08.2010 VE Harris Island (NA-126) by Don/ VE1AOE, Paul/VE1MPM and Dana/VE1VOX. QSL via VE3EXY.
31.07.2010 02.08.2010 VE Flowerpot Island (CisA ON-005) by members of the Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club (VE3OSR).
20.08.2010 29.08.2010 VE Island of Newfoundland (IOTA NA-027, CIsA NF001, WLOTA LH 0345) by Linda/VE9GLF and Len/VE9MY. They will also operate from some islands of IOTA NA-198 Group.
24.08.2010 28.10.2010 VE Frank/VE7DP and Klaus/VE7KDU will attempt an activation from one of the qualifying Dundas Islands (NA-118).
09.06.2010 19.10.2010 VP2M Montserrat (NA-103, WLOTA 1475) by John, KB4CRT.
05.08.2010 07.08.2010 W Sapelo Island (NA-058) by members of the Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club (W4BTI). QSL via W4BTI.
07.08.2010 14.08.2010 W Lassen Volcanic National Park (WFF KFF-049, WVA-09, W6/SOTAs). QSL via K6LSN.
24.08.2010 02.09.2010 W Key Biscayne (NA-141) by Bob, KB2VMG.
15.07.2010 02.08.2010 XT Andre HB9CVC (XT2CVC), Ludo HB9EOU (XT2LW) and Pierre-Andre HB9HLV (XT2HLV).
10.08.2010 17.08.2010 XU Laurent, F8ATM.
06.08.2010 08.08.2010 YO Parcul Natural Defileul Muresului Superior (YOFF-026). QSL for this operation via YO6EZ.
13.08.2010 19.08.2010 Z2 Herbert, 7Z1HB.
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