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SFI: 129 SN: 61
A-Index: 21 K-Index: 2
Updated: 01 Apr 2023 0401 GMT

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DX activities in period 01.09.2011 - 30.09.2011

07.09.2011 10.09.2011 3A Lucky, IZ7EVZ.
27.09.2011 08.10.2011 3D2/R Hrane/YT1AD, David/K3LP, Krassimir/K1LZ, Aleksej/UA4HOX, Atilano/PY5EG, David/WD5COV, Vangelis/SV2BFN, Joe/AA4NN, Paul/N6PSE, Vel/YT3WW, Victor/UA4HBW, Victor/RU4SU, Chuck/JT1CO, Badruun/JT1DO, Danail/LZ1VVV, Choi/HL5FUA, Vasily/RW4NW and Acim/YT3W. QSL via YT1AD.
29.09.2011 02.10.2011 4J Members of the "Federation of Radio Sports of Azerbaijan" and the Safari DX Activators Club are organizing a DXpedition to the Nagorno Karabakh area. Please note that the mentioned callsigns are only legal to operate in the assigned Nagorno Karabakh area. No other callsigns are issued for the named territory by the Ministry of Communication of Azerbaijan. Any other callsigns are considered illegal. QSL via RW6HS.
03.09.2011 17.09.2011 4O Oskar, LB9N.
16.09.2011 26.09.2011 4W Atauro Island (OC-232) by Stuie/VK8NSB, Franck/VK8FNCY, Steve/9M6DXX, John/9M6XRO and Oliver/MW0JRX. QSL via M0URX.
19.09.2011 04.10.2011 6Y Jamaica (NA-097, WLOTA 0214) by Dennis, W1UE.
15.09.2011 22.09.2011 7P Arnold, WB6OJB and Frosty, K5LBU.
16.09.2011 03.10.2011 7Q Ely, IN3VZE.
21.08.2011 02.09.2011 9A Brac Island (EU-016, ACIA IC-657, CIA-04, IOCA CI-010, MIA MC-042, WLOTA 0416) by Csaba, DH7KU.
22.09.2011 25.09.2011 9A Krk Island (EU-136, CI-046) by Dusan, S52DG.
02.09.2011 14.09.2011 9H Maseru, Malta (EU-023) by Jasper, PB2JJ.
16.09.2011 27.09.2011 9H Gab, HA3JB.
29.08.2011 05.09.2011 9H Malta (EU-023) by Raul, IC8ATA.
09.09.2011 11.09.2011 A2 Gert, ZS6AYU.
29.09.2011 18.10.2011 A2 Sajid, VA3QY.
22.09.2011 29.09.2011 CN Arcipres Grande Light (ARLHS WSA-001) by Ruggero/IK2PZC (5C2P), Leo/I8LWL (5C2L), Fred/IK7JWX (5C2J), Simon/IZ7ATN (5C2SG), Ampelio/ IS0AGY (5C2B), Mounaim/CN8QY and Belkaid/CN8QX. Activity will be from the city of Dakhla, which is part of the National Park off the coast of Dakhla (WFF CNFF-007).
03.09.2011 20.09.2011 CN Marko, S55EI.
00.00.0000 06.10.2018 DL Trassenheide Island (EU-129, DLFF-0075) by Klaus, DL8DZL.
04.00.0000 05.05.2019 DU Siargao Island (OC-235) by Audie/DU1ZDR and Gazelle/DU1ZDQ.
15.08.2011 03.09.2011 E5/SC Rarotonga Island (OC-013) by Andy/AB7FS and his XYL Kathy/KB7SCH.
00.00.0000 06.10.2014 E5/SC Rarotonga (OC-013) by Mathias/DJ2HD and Gerd/DJ5IW.
08.05.0218 11.05.2018 E5/SC Rarotonga Island (OC-013) by Jim, KM7R.
16.09.2011 18.09.2011 EA8 Island of Gran Canaria (AF-004, DIE S-005, WLOTA L 0969). Special event station will be on the air to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Fiestas de Las Marķas in the city of Santa Maria de Guia. QSL Via EA8CNR.
30.09.2011 02.10.2011 F Quemenes Island (EU-065, DIFM AT-039, FFF-027) by Dick/F6DXE, Andy/F4ELK and Tartuff/F4ELI. QSL via F4ELI.
02.07.0216 17.07.2016 F The Association des Radioamateurs Vauclusiens will operate special event callsign during this year's Tour de France.
29.08.2011 10.09.2011 FK Alain, FK8GN.
11.09.2011 17.09.2011 G Isle of St. Martin's (EU-011) by members of the Wessex Contest Group. Operators mentioned are Dave/M0SFT, Simon/M0TTE and Dan/M0TGN.
14.09.2011 22.09.2011 I Isola del Giglio (EU-028, IIA GR-002) by Guenter, DL3NB.
16.09.2011 18.09.2011 I Tino Island (EU-083, IIA SP-002) by Radio Club of La Spezia.
24.09.2011 24.09.2011 I Lido Island (EU-131, IIA VE-032, DCI VE-009) by members of the Extreme DX & Contest Group. QSL via IK3HHX.
03.09.2011 10.09.2011 IS Isuledda Island (EU-024) by Max, IZ4JMA.
10.09.2011 17.09.2011 IS La Maddalena Island (EU-041) by Max, IZ4JMA.
16.04.0215 24.04.2015 J7 Serge, F6AUS.
12.09.2011 14.09.2011 JA Kuchinoshima Island (AS-049) by Ken, JS3OMH.
30.00.0000 01.06.2014 JA Amami Island (AS-023) by Masato , JF3ELH.
28.09.2011 05.10.2011 JW Svalbard (EU-026) by Karl, LA8DW.
14.09.2011 19.09.2011 JW Spitsbergen (EU-026) by Morten, LA9DFA.
20.09.2011 30.03.2011 KH0 Saipan (OC-086, USI NI002S, WLOTA 1333) by Al, W6HGF.
06.09.2011 08.09.2011 KL Revillagigedo Island (NA-041) by Rick, K6VVA. QSL via N6AWD.
30.08.2011 06.09.2011 LX Ronald/PA3EWP, Jo/PA9JO, Dennis/PA7FM and Alex/PA1AW. QSL via PA1AW.
02.09.2011 04.09.2011 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Nao, JA1HGY.
20.09.2011 27.09.2011 OJ0 Salvatore/ DH7SA, Dietmar/DL3DXX, Andreas/DL5CW and Robert/SP5XVY. QSL via OH2BH.
27.09.2011 04.10.2011 OJ0 Pekka/OH1TV, Miika/OH2BAD, Ilmo/OH2BO and Tapani/OH5BM. QSL via OH2BH.
16.09.2011 26.09.2011 OX Jiri/OK1IEC, Jan/OK1JK, Jiri/OK1JST and Vaclav/OK1VVT. QSL via OK1JST.
09.09.2011 11.09.2011 OZ Fano Island (EU-125, DIA NS-002) by Mike/DL4ABO and Martin/DC8MH.
09.09.2011 11.09.2011 OZ Fano Island (EU-125, WFF OZFF-004) by Martin/DC8MH and Michael/DL4ABO.
24.09.2011 01.10.2011 OZ Helnaes Island (EU-172, WLOTA 3159) by Heiko/DG0OGM, Dieter/DK1AW, Lutz/DL3ARK, Peter/DL4AMK and Mar/DL5ASE.
12.09.2011 24.09.2011 OZ Laeso Island (EU-088) by Bernd, DL8AAV.
31.08.2011 07.09.2011 P4 Aruba (SA-036) by Bob/W3BTX and Roy/W3TEF. QSL via W3BTX.
30.09.2011 06.10.2011 PA Ameland Island (EU-038, WLOTA 1059) by Ric, DL2VFR.
00.00.0000 03.05.2015 PY Cananeia Island (SA-024, DIB SP-009) by John Paul, PU2POP. QSL via PY2DS.
15.04.0216 17.04.2016 PY Calcanhar Lighthouse (ARLHS BRA-035) by Ed, PS7DX.
18.09.2011 15.10.2011 PZ Peter, PA1LP.
21.08.2011 06.09.2011 S7 Seychelles (AF-024) by Sam, DL5RDO.
08.09.2011 13.09.2011 SM Special event station from the King Chulalongkorn Memorial in Ragunda, Sweden, the largest Thai Pavilion in the world outside Thailand, will be actived by Axel/DL7ULF and Peter/DL7VMM. QSL via SM3CVM.
24.09.2011 24.09.2011 SP Gora Chelmno Nature Reserve (SPFF-271, WCA-00890) by Zbig, SP2IU.
13.09.2011 19.09.2011 SV Thasos Island (EU-174) by Fred, PA1FJ.
25.09.2011 10.10.2011 SV5 Rhodes Island (EU-001, GIOTA DKS-006, MIA MGD-028, WLOTA 0045) by Villy, LA4GY.
29.08.2011 30.09.2011 SV9 Crete (EU-015) by Ron, WB2GAI.
15.09.2011 24.09.2011 SV9 Crete (EU-015, GIOTA KRS-005, MIA MGC-005, WLOTA 1400) by Christo, LZ3FN. QSL via LZ1PM.
28.09.2011 29.10.2011 T32 Five Star DXers Association organized by Five Star DXers Association.
23.09.2019 06.10.0209 T5 Ali, EP3CQ. QSL direct.
16.09.2011 19.09.2011 T8 Palau (OC-009) by Tatsuo, JA8CMC.
16.09.2011 19.09.2011 T8 Palau (OC-009) by Atsu, JA8FAA.
18.09.2011 27.09.2011 T8 Ulf, DL5AXX.
13.05.0000 15.05.2016 T8 Koror Island (OC-009) by Yousuke, JJ1DQR.
00.00.0000 09.09.2019 T8 Nobuaki, JA0JHQ.
10.09.2011 24.09.2011 TK Patrice/F5RBB and Mireille/F4FRL.
28.08.2011 04.09.2011 UA9 Antipenko Island (AS-066) by Gennady, R3BY.
25.08.2011 10.09.2011 UK Special event station will be active to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Uzbekistan's independence. QSL via UK8AR.
01.09.2011 30.09.2011 VE Prince Edward Island (NA-029) by George, K3GV.
10.09.2011 18.09.2011 VK9L Lord Howe Island (OC-004) by Merv, N6NO.
25.09.2011 30.09.2011 W Peaks Island (NA-137) by Wayne, K9YNF.
08.09.2011 30.09.2011 W The Pearl River DX Association will be operating memorial station W2WTC (World Trade Center). QSL via K2HJB.
17.09.2011 18.09.2011 W Galveston Island (NA-143) by Joe, K5KUA.
30.09.2011 12.10.2011 YJ Efate Island (OC-035) by Chris/ VK3QB, Luke/VK3HJ, Ian/VK3BUF, Dianne/VK3JDI, Lee/VK3GK, Tom/NQ7R, Ben/N6MUF and Andy/M0HLT. QSL via VK2CA.
27.09.2011 15.10.2011 YJ Ben/DJ0YI and Tom/NQ7R.
07.09.2011 14.09.2011 ZA Tevfik, TA1HZ.
09.09.2011 16.09.2011 ZK2 Steven, ZL4CZ.
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