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SFI: 68 SN: 0
A-Index: 4 K-Index: 0
Updated: 28 May 2020 0509 GMT

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Search result for CE0Z - Juan Fernandez Island

11.03.2019 27.03.2019 CE0Z Robinson Crusoe Island (SA-005) by Vasily/R7AL, Vasil/RA1ZZ, Vladimir/RK8A, Aleksei/RL5F, Leonid/RW9JZ and Marco/CE1TBN. QSL via R7AL.
21.02.2017 24.02.2017 CE0Z Robinson Crusoe Island (SA-005) by Michael, DF8AN.
24.02.2015 04.03.2015 CE0Z Juan Fernandez Archipelago (SA-005) by members of the Provins ARC (F6KOP).
23.11.2014 02.12.2014 CE0Z Juan Fernandez Island (SA-005) by Felipe/CE5WQO.
08.11.2013 20.11.2013 CE0Z Robinson Crusoe Island by Fabri-/IW3SQY, Franco/IZ8GCE, Paolo/IV3DSH, Josep/EA3AKY, Les/SP3DOI, Ron/PA3EWP and Art/WA7NB.
10.03.2010 23.03.2010 CE0Z Robinson Crusoe Island by Al, LA9SN.
19.01.2010 02.02.2010 CE0Z Toshi, JA8BMK.
24.11.2009 03.12.2009 CE0Z Marko/CE6TBN, Terje/LA8BCA, Yuri/RA0FU, Ole/LA6EIA, Rag/LA6FJA, Hakon/LA-M, Arne/LA7WCA, Johnny/LA5FJA and RA0FU's brother. QSL direct to Manager.
18.03.2008 07.04.2008 CE0Z Ulrich, DL2AH.
22.01.2008 29.01.2008 CE0Z Svein, LA6IKA.
21.01.2006 28.01.2006 CE0Z A multi-national team of operators will be active from Robinson Crusoe Island, Juan Fernandez (SA-005). QSL via CE3BSQ (for Central and South America), F6AJA (for Europe and Africa) and N2OO (for North America, Japan and others).
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