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SFI: 67 SN: 0
A-Index: 4 K-Index: 1
Updated: 25 May 2020 1709 GMT

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25.05.2019 31.05.2019 GJ Les Minquiers (EU-099) by Frank/ON4KZ, Kurt/ON5DZ, Tim/ON5HC, Pat/ON7PQ and Francis/ON8AZ.
10.05.2019 12.05.2019 GJ Marc/PD7YY, Marcel/PG8M and Lars/PH0NO.
15.03.2019 17.03.2019 GJ Kazu, JK3GAD.
11.08.2018 14.08.2018 GJ SP7VC/Mek and SQ7OYL/Kate.
16.03.2018 18.03.2018 GJ Jersey (EA-013) by Kazu, JK3GAD.
05.05.2017 11.05.2017 GJ Alex/PA1AW, Ron/PA3EWP, Jo/PA9JO and Bob/PB5X.
17.03.2017 19.03.2017 GJ Jersey (EA-013) by Kazu, JK3GAD.
05.05.2016 08.05.2016 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Philippe/ON4LEM, Cécile/ON5TC, Michel/ON6QO, Gert-Jan/ON7GLF, Frédéric/ON7WZ and Peter/ON8VP.
18.03.2016 20.03.2016 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Kazu, JK3GAD.
04.11.2015 11.11.2015 GJ Craig/K3PLV and Pete/K8PT.
23.07.2015 28.07.2015 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Frederik/ON8ZL and Peter/ON8ZZ.
26.06.2015 03.07.2015 GJ Members of the Jersey Amateur Radio Society will be active this special event station for the "XVI Island Games" held in Jersey in 2015. The Island Games are an international multi-sport event which, this year, involves 24 islands and 3000 athletes, competing in 14 sports.
14.05.2015 18.05.2015 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Bruno/ON1CH, Eddy/ON6EF and Jan/ON6VJ.
20.03.2015 23.03.2015 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Kazu, JK3GAD.
11.02.2015 16.02.2015 GJ Richard, M5RIC.
29.10.2014 04.11.2014 GJ Rich/M5RIC and Jack/G8DX.
08.08.2014 12.08.2014 GJ Jan/DJ8NK (GJ0VNK) and Paul/F6EXV (MJ0EXV).
23.07.2014 29.07.2014 GJ Les Minquiers (EU-099) by 2E0TBO, G0FDZ, G0VJG, G4FAL and M0TGV.
21.07.2014 27.07.2014 GJ Island of Jersey (EU-013) by Marek/OK1BIL, David/OK1DBS, Libor/OK1DOL, Vladislav/OK1FIK, Jan/OK1NP and Josef/OK1XC. QSL via OK1BIL.
18.03.2014 26.03.2014 GJ Craig/K3PLV and Pete/K8PT.
14.03.2014 16.03.2014 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Kazu, JK3GAD.
02.08.2013 09.08.2013 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Frederik/ON8ZL, Peter/ON8ZZ and Frank/ON5NQ. QSL via ON8ZL.
20.06.2013 24.06.2013 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Jo/PA9JO, Alex/PA1AW and Ron/PA3EWP.
24.05.2013 30.05.2013 GJ Philippe/ON4ACP, Erik/ON4ANN, Jose/ ON4CAU, Erik/ON4CCV, Walter/ON8CW, Cedric/ON4CKM and Rudi/ON6MI.
06.05.2013 09.05.2013 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by David, ON4DN.
15.03.2013 17.03.2013 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Kazu, JK3GAD.
09.09.2012 15.09.2012 GJ Jim, G0UPG.
02.06.2012 06.06.2012 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Dave, EI9FBB.
27.03.2012 03.04.2012 GJ Craig/K3PLV and Pete/K8PT.
02.12.2011 07.12.2011 GJ G3ZAY, G7VJR, JA1LZR, JF1PJK and JQ2GYU. QSL via M0BLF.
17.06.2011 19.06.2011 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by members of the Bristol Contest Group. QSL via G3SWH.
12.06.2011 17.06.2011 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Silvia/EA1AP and Alberto/EA1SA.
24.03.2011 28.03.2011 GJ Isle of Jersey (EU-013, WLOTA 0818) by Russell, G5XW.
22.03.2011 30.03.2011 GJ Craig, K3PLV.
18.03.2011 21.03.2011 GJ Jersey (EA-013) by Kazu, JK3GAD.
07.10.2010 09.10.2010 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Kazik, DL2SBY.
14.09.2010 22.09.2010 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Craig, K3PLV.
21.07.2010 26.07.2010 GJ Elena, RV3ACA. QSL via RV3ACA.
29.06.2010 06.07.2010 GJ Gordon/G3USR, Tom/ GM4FDM, Alex/PA1AW, Rien/PA1BDO, Ron/PA3EWP and Jo/PA9JO.
31.03.2010 07.04.2010 GJ Les Minquiers Island (EU-099) by Lieven/ON4PQ, Jo/ON5MF, Pat/ON7PQ, Geert/ON7USB and Tim/ON5HC.
10.10.2008 13.10.2008 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Wojtek, SQ4MP.
21.08.2008 26.08.2008 GJ Oliver/OE5OHO, Henry/OE5HDN and Gerhard/OE3GEA.
23.07.2008 29.07.2008 GJ Les Minquiers Islands (EU-099) by Charles, M0OXO and Nigel, M0NJW. QSL via M3ZYZ.
11.05.2008 20.05.2008 GJ Geoff, G4ICD.
21.04.2008 25.04.2008 GJ Mark, M0MJH.
20.04.2008 26.04.2008 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Kevan/2E0WMG and Mark/M0MJH.
22.03.2008 27.03.2008 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Peter, K8PT and Craig, K3PLV.
28.12.2007 06.01.2008 GJ Isle of Jersey (EU-013, WLOTA L0818) by Flo/F5CWU, Sylvain/F4EGD, Terry/F5MOO and Tom, GM4FDM.
03.09.2007 07.09.2007 GJ Les Minquiers Islands (EU-099) by a group of operators from the Cambridge University Wireless Society. QSL via M0BLF.
03.09.2007 07.09.2007 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by GJ7VJR/p (QSL via G7VJR), MJ0BLF/p (QSL via M0BLF), MJ0TDG/p (QSL via M0TDG) and GJ3ZAY/p (QSL via G3ZAY).
24.07.2007 31.07.2007 GJ Jersey (EU-013) by Iain, M0PCB and Chloe, 2E1IDT.
14.03.2007 22.03.2007 GJ Pete/K8PT and Craig/K3PLV.
26.08.2006 01.09.2006 GJ Jersey Islands (EU-013) by Russell, G5XW.
26.07.2006 01.08.2006 GJ K2WR, Richard.
26.04.2006 04.05.2006 GJ Island of Jersey (EU-013) by Chris, M0DOL. He also plans to activate some castles. A list of castles will be forthcoming.
10.01.2006 15.01.2006 GJ Burt,PA3GIO.
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