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Updated: 31 May 2020 0714 GMT

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24.08.2019 26.08.2019 HL Sapshi Island (AS-080) by Han, DS2GOO.
12.10.2018 14.10.2018 HL Hwang Island (AS-080) by Han/DS2GOO, Rew/DS4NYE and Rocky/HL1VAU. QSL D70LW/3 via DS4NYE.
16.06.2018 17.06.2018 HL Yonghung Island (AS-105) by Jeongho/HL2VA, Lee/DS4EOI, Kim/HL2CFY, SangHyun/HL3EYC, Geum-dong/DS4AOW, Lee/DS2GWM, Gyeong-Hwan/HL4CEL, Wang-Hyun/HL4RBR, Park/HL4CGB, JuHyun/HL2VXK, Byung-ho/HL1TKF, Mun/6K2KCW, Youngkyun/HL2DAA, Lee/DS3FXU, Sam/HL2ZIK, Jun/HL2ZDA, Sungki/HL1IWD, Sun/ DS1IYZ, Moon/DS3OWY, Hwan-Jong/DS2NSC, Jang/DS3CHK and Hae-Young/DS3BNU. QSL via DS1SYV.
09.03.2018 11.03.2018 HL Namhae Island (AS-081) by Taka, JA8COE.
26.08.2017 28.08.2017 HL Pogil Island (AS-085, KDN H32) by Han, DS2GOO.
08.03.2017 11.03.2017 HL Cheju Island (AS-026) by Taka, JA8COE.
26.12.2015 28.12.2015 HL Taeijak Island (AS-090) by Han, DS2GOO.
08.10.2015 11.10.2015 HL Shinshi Island (AS-148) by HL2IBC.
21.08.2015 23.08.2015 HL Daegyoung-do Island by members of the Gwangju DX Club (6L0NJ).
15.07.2015 31.07.2015 HL Ui Island (AS-060, WLOTA 1102) by Kag, DS4DRE.
03.07.2015 05.07.2015 HL Chuja Island (AS-084) by Han/DS2GOO, Lee/6K2CEW and Ka/6K2JFW.
27.05.2015 29.05.2015 HL Sangch'uja Island (AS-084) by Han, DS2GOO.
16.08.2013 18.08.2013 HL Jindo Island (AS-060) by members of the South Korean Gwangju DX Club. QSL via 6L0NJ.
12.08.2013 02.09.2013 HL Dom, SQ9KWW.
06.06.2013 09.06.2013 HL Chongsan Island (AS-085, WLOTA 1602, HLFF-015)by Jeon/DS1EVQ, Han/DS2GOO, Park/DS3GLW, Rew/DS4NYE, Yang/DS4CDA, Kang/HL1CR, Rocky/HL1VAU and a few others. QSL via DS4NYE.
26.10.2012 29.10.2012 HL Pigum Island (AS-060) by members of the Korean Contest Club (KCC). Operators mentioned are Han/DS2GOO, Yongsup/DS3GLW, Joon-Woo/DS3MLG, Rew/DS4NYE, Rocky/HL1VAU and Kijun/HL3AMO. QSL via DS4NYE.
21.10.2012 29.10.2012 HL Pigum Island (AS-060) by members of the Korea Contest Club (KCC). QSL via DS4NYE.
04.06.2011 07.06.2011 HL Kadok Island (AS-081) by Choi/6K5AQY, Kim/6K5AYC, Ha/6K5BHZ, Soo/HL5BMX, Kim/HL2FDW, Sang/DS4NMJ, Kim/HL2DYS and Kei/HL2UVH. QSL via HL5BMX.
04.06.2011 06.06.2011 HL Chuja Island (AS-084) by Han/DS2GOO, Yongsup/DS3GLW, Rew/DS4NYE, Rocky/HL1VAU and Jung-man/DS4CDA.
23.10.2010 24.10.2010 HL Suu-do Island (AS-081) by Ho-jong/DS5ACV and members of the Busan DX Club (6M0V). QSL via 6M0V.
31.07.2010 03.08.2010 HL Shinji Island (AS-060, WLOTA-4010) by members of the Gwangju DX Club (6L0NJ). QSL via HL4XM.
03.10.2008 05.10.2008 HL Cheju Island (AS-026, LH0686) by Han/DS2GOO.
03.10.2008 05.10.2008 HL Paegya Island (AS-060, ARLHS SKR-022, WLOTA LH-3386) by Lee/ HL5BMX, Choi/6K5AQY, Kim/6K5AYC and Ha/6K5BHZ. QSL via HL5BMX.
03.10.2008 05.10.2008 HL Cheju Island (AS-026) by Han, DS2GOO.
03.10.2008 05.10.2008 HL YongHung Island (AS-105, KDN N11) by Simon/DS1MRF, Han/DS1NPP, Lee/DS4NMJ, Kyeong/DS5EVU, Sangmin/DS5LRJ and Gil/6K5TET. QSL via DS3FGV.
13.09.2008 18.09.2008 HL Tok Island (AS-045) by Kim/HL2CFY, Han/DS2GOO, Kweon/DS2GXU, Lim/DS2HRE, Jeong/6K2ABX, Song/6K2BWA, Cho/6K2FNN and Seok/6K2GDT. QSL via 6K2BWA.
15.08.2008 18.08.2008 HL Huksan Islands (AS-093) by members of the Gwangju DX Club . QSL via HL4XM.
07.08.2008 11.08.2008 HL Sapsi Island (AS-080) by members of the YARRA (Yonsei Amateur Radio Research Association).
06.06.2008 08.06.2008 HL Paegya Island (AS-060, ARLHS SKR-022, WLOTA LH-3386) by members of the GyeongNam DX Club. QSL via HL5BMX.
18.01.2008 21.01.2008 HL Sorok Island (AS-060) by Chae, HL5YI.
14.07.2007 17.07.2007 HL Ch'ung Island (AS-060) by a group of operators from the Gwangju DX Club. QSL via HL4XM.
12.05.2007 20.05.2007 HL Jean-Pierre, F5AHO will be active from South Korea. He plans to operate SSB on 15, 17 and 20 metres from IOTA groups AS-081, AS-060, AS-026 and AS-085.
04.05.2007 05.05.2007 HL Anmyon Island (AS-080) by Rocky/HL1VAU, Han/DS2GOO and Ryou/DS4NYE.
01.03.2007 04.03.2007 HL Sonyu Island (AS-148) by Rocky,HL1VAU, Ryu,DS4NYE, and Han,DS2GOO.
18.11.2006 19.11.2006 HL Anmyon Island (AS-080) by Han/DS2GOO, Jeong/DS2KEP, Son/DS3HWS, Lee/6K2CEW and Kim,6K2CSD.
13.10.2006 15.10.2006 HL Hong Island (AS-093, WLOTA 1528) by Han/DS2GOO, Son/DS3HWS, Lee/6K2CEW. QSLs for D90HE/4 go to DS2GOO and all others via their home callsigns.
18.05.2006 21.05.2006 HL Nok Island (AS-080, LH-0754) by Han, DS2GOO.
04.05.2006 07.05.2006 HL
Koje (AS-081, KDN L012) by members of the Korea DX Association (Kim,HL1OYF, Han,HL1VAU, Ryu,DS4NYE, Park,HL3AMO, Park,DS3GLW, Park,HL3VAP, Kim,HL2FDW, Seong,DS1OFE, Jeong,HL2DBP, Park,HL1EJT, Cho,DS3MLG, Jeon,DS1EVQ, and Yang,DS4CDA).
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