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SFI: 67 SN: 0
A-Index: 4 K-Index: 1
Updated: 25 May 2020 1640 GMT

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Search result for OH0 - Aland Island

03.08.2019 17.08.2019 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Bert, DK3BK. QSL via M0OXO.
26.07.2019 29.07.2019 OH0 Aland Island (EU-002) by Jukka/OH6LI.
30.05.2019 02.06.2019 OH0 Timo/OH1NOA want to activate several new OHFF/OH0 references.
22.05.2019 28.05.2019 OH0 Åland Islands (EU-002) by Toni/OH5CY, Niko/OH5CZ, Juha/OH5CW, Hannu/OH5FP, Jouni/OH2JIU and Jarkko/OH5XK.
19.04.2019 23.04.2019 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Anne/OH2YL and Marko/OH2LGW. QSL OG0YL via OH2YL and OH0/OH2LGW via OH2LGW.
06.05.2018 11.05.2018 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Ari, OH3KAV.
19.09.2017 25.09.2017 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Wolfgang/DK2DO, Rainer/DL1ZBO and Peter/DL5FF.
22.04.2017 26.04.2017 OH0 Åland Islands (EU-002) by Ari/OH3KAV.
19.03.2015 22.03.2015 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Anton, OG2K.
16.07.2014 26.07.2014 OH0 Alex, IW5ELA.
28.06.2014 30.06.2014 OH0 Matti, OH4SS.
03.01.2014 13.01.2014 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Mari/OH2FPK (YL), Rami/OH2BCI, Martti/OH2BH, Pertti/OH2PM and Pekka/OH2TA.
14.06.2013 17.06.2013 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Pertti/OH2BEE/OG2W and Raimo/OH2BCI.
25.05.2013 07.06.2013 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Hans/PA0VHA, Steve/PA2A, Wim/PA2AM, Martin/PA2VMA, Wil/PA3ALK and Jack/PA3BAG.
03.05.2013 05.05.2013 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by members of the OI3V Radio Club. QSL via OI3V.
20.03.2013 24.03.2013 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002, WLOTA 1373, WWFF OHFF-037) by Pertti/OG2W and Raimo/OH0BCI. QSL via OG2W.
12.08.2012 20.08.2012 OH0 Normunds, YL3DQ.
24.06.2012 30.06.2012 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Bob/OK2BOB, Franta/OK1HH and Jindra/OK1AMM.
02.09.2011 04.09.2011 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Nao, JA1HGY.
21.07.2011 24.07.2011 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Eric, SM1TDE.
24.09.2010 26.09.2010 OH0 Aland Island (EU-002) by members of the Storstockholms Radioamatörer Club (SK0ZA).
21.07.2010 27.07.2010 OH0 Kumlinge Island (EU-002) by Max/DK1MAX, Miro/OM5RW, Tomi/OH2BEN, Pertti/OG2M and Marko/OH3XR.
15.05.2010 28.05.2010 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by PA0VHA, PA2A, PA2AM, PA2VMA, PA3ALK, PA3BAG and PB5A.
01.05.2010 08.05.2010 OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Hans, DK3PZ.
31.08.2009 12.09.2009 OH0 Eckeroe Island (EU-002) by Peter/DL5FF, Horst/DF6FL and Siegfried/DL9ZE.
10.08.2009 21.08.2009 OH0 Aland (EU-002) by Alexander, DL4NO.
26.07.2009 07.08.2009 OH0 Manuel, CT1BWW.
09.04.2009 14.04.2009 OH0 Anne, OH2YL.
24.08.2008 07.09.2008 OH0 Peter, DL5FF.
23.08.2008 07.09.2008 OH0 Sigi, DL9ZE.
26.09.2006 08.10.2006 OH0 Eckeroe Island (EU-002) by Hadi, DJ2PJ. His focus will be on the low bands, especially 160 meters.
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