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26.10.2013 26.10.2013 ON Ordingen Castle (WCA ON-01134, BCA LB-103) by Susanne/ON2SL, Roger/ON4AHQ, Andre/ON4DTO and Erwin/ON5BWE.
20.10.2013 20.10.2013 ON V12 Bunkery Castle (WCA ON-01932, BCA AN-208) by Ivo/ON7IVO.
16.10.2013 15.11.2013 ON Special station will be aired where CLM stands for Canadian Liberation Mars, a 33km mars that the Canadian troops did coming fom the town Hoofdplaat in Holland to liberate our town Knokke in 1944. For this 32nd Edition we are granted to use the special prefix OQ instead of ON.
16.10.2012 15.11.2012 ON Special event station to commemorate the year of liberation of Knokke in 1944.
08.06.2012 12.06.2012 ON Lightship "Mayflower" by ON7EX, ON6VOX and ON4LO.
04.09.2010 05.09.2010 ON Members of the Radio Club of Binche (ON7RY) will activate the special event station to commemorate the sacrifice of the Belgian Resistance (WWII) and especially those of the Refuge B 40 in Waudrez, Belgium.
04.06.2010 06.06.2010 ON Lightship Mayflower Bell 48 operated by Kurt/ON4CB and Francois/ON4LO. Qsl via ON4CB.
29.09.2007 30.09.2007 ON Special event station for the Horse Driving Rendarche.
08.09.2007 09.09.2007 ON Club members of the UBA section CRD (Radio Club Durnal) will be active from "Terra Nova" on the citadel of Namur.
06.05.2006 09.05.2006 ON The first four stages of the 88th edition of the Giro d'Italia (the long distance road bicycle race for professional cyclists) will take place in Belgium (Wallonie). The UBA-section CPN will use the special call. QSL via ON4CPN.
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