Monthly DX Report for period 01.11.2020 - 30.11.2020

11.10.2020 08.11.2020 4W
Peter/DB6JG, Gerd/DJ5IW, Markus/DJ7EO, Heye/DJ9RR, Chris/DL1MGB, Dietmar/DL3DXX, Ulf/DL5AXX, Paul/DL5CW, Tom/DL5LYM, Ben/DL6FBL, Dieter/DL8OH, Robert/SP5XVY and Bernd/VK2IA.
13.11.2020 14.11.2020 4X
  • 4X0RMN
Amir/4X1AR, Chanan/4Z1DZ, Dan/4Z5SL, Gal/4X1KW, Gil/4Z1KD, Hilik/4X6YA, Roy/4X5IQ, Shimon/4Z1SH, Udi/4X6ZM, Yaniv/4X5DL and Zeev/4X5ZS will be active from the Ramon Crater (Holyland Square F-30-BS, WWFF 4XFF-0020). QSL via 4X6ZM.
07.11.2020 18.11.2020 7Q
  • 7Q7RU
Lilia/EW7L, Vasily/R7AL, Vladimir/R9LR, Vasily/RA1ZZ and Al/RZ3K. QSL via R7AL.
02.11.2020 29.11.2020 8Q
  • 8Q7RM
Kandolhu Island (AS-013) by Remo, HB9SHD.
22.11.2020 02.12.2020 8Q
  • 8Q7ZO
  • 8Q7NV
Maldives (AS-013) by Marko/N5ZO and Oliver/W6NV. QSL 8Q7ZO via OH0XX direct or LoTW. QSL 8Q7NV via W6NV direct.
19.10.2020 02.11.2020 A3
  • A35GC
Stan/LZ1GC and Ivan/LZ1PM.
17.11.2020 21.11.2020 A9
  • A91WTVD
Members of the Bahrain Amateur Radio Society (BARS) will be active special call sign to celebrate "World Television Day" which takes place on November 21st. QSL via EC6DX.
09.11.2020 14.11.2020 CT3
  • CT9/DD8ZX
Madeira Island (AF-014) by Georg, DD8ZX.
17.11.2020 24.11.2020 D6
  • D60AB
Comoro Islands (AF-007) by Don, K6ZO/7Q6M.
16.10.2020 05.11.2020 FG
  • FG4KH
Guadeloupe (NA-102) by Philippe, F1DUZ.
02.11.2020 05.11.2020 FO
  • TX0T
Tatakoto Atoll (OC-298) by Cezar, VE3LYC.
18.11.2020 04.12.2020 FS
  • FS/F8AAN
St. Martin Island (NA-105) by David, F8AAN.
31.10.2020 03.11.2020 HC
  • HD200C
Member of the Azuay Radio Club (HC5ARC) will be active to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the city Cuenca's independence.
01.11.2020 30.11.2020 HP
  • 3E1FP
Bellomiro/HP3BSM, Francisco/HP3FL, Erick/HP3QQ, Juan/HP3DBR, Emigdio/HP3EMS, Ricardo/HP1RIS, Alvaro/HP1DAV, George/HP1GDS, Edwin/HP1DBK, Francisco/HP1FCC, Anel/HP8FOX, Roberto/HP1MRA, Luis/HP6LEF and Osvaldo/HP6OJS. Activity is to celebrate the 117th anniversary of the independence of Panama. QSL via HP3BSM.
21.11.2020 28.11.2020 J8
  • J8/UR5BCP
Saint Vincent Island (NA-109) by Oleh, UR5BCP/KD7WPJ. QSL via KD7WPJ.
02.11.2020 16.11.2020 OX
  • OX3LX
Asiaat Islands (NA-134) by Bo, OZ1DJJ.
23.11.2020 01.12.2020 P4
  • P40W
Aruba (SA-036) by John, W2GD.
24.10.2020 13.11.2020 V3
  • V31CO
Bob, W0YBS.
19.11.2020 24.11.2020 VK
  • VK4DX/P
Russell Island (OC-137) by Mike, VK4DX.
21.11.2020 05.12.2020 YN
  • YN5AO
Robert, DL7VOA. 24. November 2020